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Lake Constance - beaches, sun, holidays, well known tourist area. But it is also one of Germany’s major region of military armament industries. This is known to everyone who lives around the Lake Constance. But no one knows the details or wants to know the details!

No one knows which weapon, or which parts of it, are developed or produced in which factory. Nobody collects information about those countries, which 'our weapons' are exported to. Nobody collects information in which wars `our weapons´ are used. No one knows numbers, or even names, of victims from ‘weapons made at Lake Constance’.

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Churches at Lake Constance remain silent, avoiding conflicts in their parishes. Trade unions remain silent, since many of their members are working in armament industries. The local media are silent due to their good relations with the industry. Schools and universities keep silent due to ‘good cooperation’ with industries. But most important, all institutions are silent about victims from ‘weapons made at Lake Constance’.

Therefore, in 2010 we have established the "initiative against weapons from Lake Constance". We are people from Lindau, Constance, St. Gallen, Überlingen, Stockach, Friedrichshafen etc.

We want to know

> Which companies at Lake Constance develop or produce weapons or part of weapons?

> What kind of weapons?

> How many employees work in weapon industries?

> Which countries ‘our weapons or parts’ are exported to?

> In which wars `our´ weapons are being used?

> How many people die or are being injured by means of ‘our´ weapons?

> What are the victims names?

With this information

> We will publish the above information

> We will go to churches, schools (through parents’ and pupils’ spokesmen), to trade unions and political parties at the Lake Constance region

> We will organize discussions (round tables)

> We will cooperate with anti-weapon institutions

> We will update the Website www.waffenvombodensee.com


We invite you to participate

Either you contact us directly, or you contact use through the medium of an other organisation (here).

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